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Enter and Work in Confined Spaces   RIIWHS202D

460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury, Brisbane

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Enter and Work in Confined Spaces  Refresher  RIIWHS202D

460-492 Beaudesert Rd, Salisbury, Brisbane

1 Day: Click below for listing

Time:  7.30am-4.00pm

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Key Obligations - Working in a Confined Space

• Emphasise the responsibilities for safety both at the time of entry and during the operation

• Responsibilities identified cover conditions of work for an organisation's own employees as well as for any contractors or other workers on the premises including inadvertent entry.

• Requires adequate steps be taken to eliminate and if not possible, to control hazards

• All persons involved with confined spaces shall be trained, assessed as competent and instructed on the nature of the hazards and the precautions to be followed.

Where the word “must” is used, the instruction or requirement is MANDATORY

No person must enter a Confined space unless!!!

Persons must be trained and assessed as competent to carry out their activities where they

• Are on stand-by, Involved in emergency response and first aid procedures

Appropriate emergency response and first aid procedures and provisions shall be planned, established and rehearsed to prove effectiveness and efficiency.

All registrations are subject to a booking fee where the fee structure for the event  is a % at checkout = Typically less than $10.00. Total will be listed course fee less discount (where applicable) plus booking fee.

A condition of the special price promotion is that you must register online and pay immediately or use one of the other  payment methods described below. Failure to arrange payment prior to the course date will result in the course fee reverting to the full list price.
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New Regulatory training requirements 2015

The Registered Training Organisation regulator (ASQA) now require a number of additional things to be in place for all Vocational Education and Training:

1. All learners must supply RTO’s with a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number prior to the RTO issuing any certificate.

2. All learners must be supported in regard their Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills prior to allowing any learner to start any training

3. Learners must complete an amount of training (Volume of Training) which will allow enough time for developing appropriate skills and knowledge prior to graduation.

As a guideline, a typical single competency as listed on this page will require a total of 24 of total learning. This is all learning related to the competency being studied, at class and at the workplace. Short duration courses are only allowed where evidence is available of relevant experience by learners.

 These reduced duration courses are available for all learners with

previous confined space and other relevant training (e.g. Refresher course)

an existing Cert II or higher

with a general construction industry white card (or similar) and at least 1 years work experience

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Course fee $298 less discount = from $199 per person (No GST)

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